Music and Me

From a young age, I have been enveloped by music’s uncompromising ability to break through the superficial and touch a person’s soul. My knowledge of the subject has continued to grow in a seemingly unending fashion. The world of music never fails to provide inspiration, even when I naively think I’ve heard it all. With each discovery comes the thought of the many for whom said revelation is yet to be made, and a dutiful, excited determination to expose such music to them who may not realise its potency and potential. I wish to share in the appreciation and inherent understanding humans have of music. I long to infotain, and be infotained, in a rare manner that speaks to all, utilising this deep, primordial force that engraved itself on our psyche more than 200,000 years ago.

Me Outside Music

Besides earning a Music Degree from the University of Surrey, I also gained experience with leading and teamwork; I was the Vice President of the USSU Jazz Orchestra Society, and the Founder and President of the USSU Art Society.

Today, I volunteer at a new youth centre in Romford, called 'Ed's Place', where I help to give young people of the town a place to chill and play all types of games.

I am also an amateur photographer. Browse my Instagram feed below, @Webbstract (if you're on mobile, tap a picture and wait patiently to view it enlarged).

Background photo taken and edited by Oliver Bowring