I am a pianist available for hire, whether it be for exam accompaniments, tuition, playing in a band/ensemble, accompanying a choir, performing your original compositions, etc.

I passed my Grade 8 with distinction in 2012 and was always been heavily involved with extra-curricular music activities at my places of education. I have won various awards for my performing. Though I was trained classically, I have experience playing in many styles including jazz, contemporary classical, avant guard, minimalism, pop, rock, african, etc.

Here are some examples of me playing...

Audio Examples

Photo, taken by Oliver Bowering, picutres from left to right, Christopher Webb, Josh Stockton, and Seb Skelly, all playing their instruments (keyboard, piano, tumpet, guitar, drums, cymbals) during University of Surrey Big Band Boat Tour.

Christopher Webb (left) playing keyboard on a University of Surrey Big Band Tour. 

Here are recordings of me playing the piano in a variety of contexts and styles. There are solo performances, some where I am the accompaniment, others where I am in a band. I play other people's music as well as my own. Check them out below or on YouTube and Soundcloud.




I also sing bass in the choir of St. Edward the Confessor Church, Romford lead by Jonathan Venner BEM. From first getting involved with choirs at university, I was hooked. When I left university, I was lucky enough to find another choir closer to home. Aside from assisting with leading them in practices and warm-ups, I sight-sing most material presented to me and am passionate about getting it right and sounding musical.

My most comfortable range is from a low D to the Eb above middle C, though sometimes I am able to extend that range in either direction. Though I don't specialise in singing solo, I do enjoy singing harmonies, so if you need me to fill in for a bass, or need a backing vocalist, contact me to discuss details.

w/University of Surrey Chamber Choir
w/University of Surrey Chamber Choir

Open Mic Night w/ Ben Lee
Open Mic Night w/ Ben Lee

Uni of Surrey Choir and Orchestra
Uni of Surrey Choir and Orchestra

w/University of Surrey Chamber Choir
w/University of Surrey Chamber Choir


Hear Me Sing


I am a trainee organist who currently has a Bach voluntary, and a few smaller pieces, under his belt. More on this to come.

Background photo taken by Gowsi Masi of EliteSnaps.