Private Piano Tutor

I teach piano and music theory privately to ABRSM standard, having passed Grade 8 in both myself.

If you would like me to teach you or your child piano and music theory, here are my rates...

- £25 for an hour (42p/min)

- £20 for 45 minutes (45p/min)

- £15 for 30 minutes (50p/min)

Approximately 5 mins of the lesson will be used to write out a homework sheet. Longer lessons are always encouraged, so long as the child can focus for its duration. Once the student has passed a pre-grade 1 beginner stage, and if I deem them to have enough focus, we will move onto working towards grades, at which point having 1 hour lessons are mandatory.

We will need to discuss the prospective student's age and prior experience with music, as these may also effect the length of the lesson and the additional cost of books for the first lesson. Students must be 7 years or over. If they are underage, but you believe them to be mature enough to progress to and through the grades, then we could discuss details of a trial period.

Said student must also have a keyboard in their home, with minimum of 61 keys. If they don't already have one, the Casio WK series, as well as the Yamaha DGX series, were recommended to me by my old piano teacher, though it's important that you research starter pianos for yourself before purchasing one. Try to make sure the keyboard comes with an adjustable stand, an adjustable stool, and a music stand (often built-in at the head of the keyboard). It would be a bonus if it had weighted keys, a sustain pedal, and headphones.

I am willing to hold lessons over Skype if distance is an issue.

Assistant Chorister Tutor

As personal assistant to Jonathan Venner BEM, I teach the choristers of St. Edward the Confessor Church, Romford, particularly building the knowledge of the newest recruits before their full induction into the choir. When the older choristers prepare for their RCM Dean's Awards, I help them with their second module regarding aural training. Pictured to the right are pupil choristers after achieving their Dean's Bronze Award.

I am available to help your choristers in a similar way, as needed part-time, should they need theory-based help. Contact me to discuss details and scheduling.

Christophe Webb, chorister and music theory tutor, and personal assistant to Jonathan Venner BEM, stands alongside pupils whom he helped to pass their Dean's Bronze Award. They stand in Brentwood Cathedral, happily wearing their bronze medals, in front of Mr. Venne, Mike Power (Minister for St. Edward the Confessor Church, Romford), and other officials.